The Five Best N64 Drinking Games


Being an 80’s or even 90’s kid you probably have had some personal experiences with the legendary N64. You probably remember the unique, at times hard to handle, controller. You definitely remember how many different Mario games there were, or how you had to blow in the cartridge at times to make sure your games works. Most importantly, I’m sure remember how much fun you had for hours on end.

If you’re like me, you still have an N64 somewhere with most of the games still intact, and if you’re not like me, there are plenty of vintage stores where you can purchase it and all of its cartridges for a relatively low price. You can relive your childhood, play all those games you never thought you’d see again, and have a blast.

Now that we have matured (some more than others) there is another function of the N64: Drinking. Nintendo 64 offers the five best video games that can be turned into drinking games in history, as my friends and I have shared countless pre-games playing them in college.

So here they are, my top five favorite N64 games turned drinking games of all time.

The Five Best N64 Drinking Games

5. Mario Golf

- Who doesn’t enjoy cracking a few brews as they make their way down the back nine? Mario Golf offers users the opportunity to drink while their friends take their turn teeing off. With constant pauses in the game to change users, one can casually consume ample amounts of liquor while playing a relaxing golf game that is simple enough for the weakest of minds to grasp. Filled with mini-games like miniature golf and driving contests, Mario Golf offers all the positives of golf (like beer) without any of the negatives (like actually playing golf).

4. 1080

- A classic N64 snowboarding game with a newfound drinking game added to it. I’m sure you have seen the movie Out Cold (and if you haven’t, get a clue). This game is similar to the “king of the mountain” game seen in the movie, with a bit of a twist. At the beginning of the race, every player must have one full beer. Before they get to the finish line the entire contents of that beer must be consumed. Whoever is first down the hill with an empty can is victorious. With obstacles, jumps, and bonuses along the way, this game provides the ultimate challenge for the aspiring partier.

3. Super Smash Brothers 64

- Another classic. Super Smash Bros was the first of its kind, offering users the chance to play as their favorite character from a number of games in an all-out war. Who doesn’t love that?

There are plenty of ways to make this a drinking game, but my personal favorite is to use the traditional style of game play, set it to stock, and have your opponents drink every time they die until they are released back into the game. Although this is only around three seconds of drinking at a time, it definitely adds up as the game goes on.

With the ability to change how much damage you can inflict, time limits, and how many lives you have, there are plenty of options you can play with to get the most out of your gaming/drinking experience.

Hint: If you want to never have to drink, master using Kirby or Ness.

2. The Mario Party Games

- All of you knew I was getting here eventually. Any N64 Mario Party game is filled with opportunities to drink. If you’re anything like me and my friends, you will drink three seconds every time you land on a blue space, six seconds any time you land a red, ten seconds for a Bowser space, and every time you lose a mini-game. My friends and I would chug a beer anytime someone got a star and made the recipient of a ghost-theft drink until we saw fit. One game of Mario Party, no matter how many turns we set the game to, had us completely wasted.

A board game with a modern day twist, Mario Party goes down as the second best N64 drinking game of all time.

1. Mario Kart

Just like Mario Party, we all knew I was going here eventually. With items, different tracks, different characters, battle games, coin collecting games, and turbo ramps; Mario Kart has it all. Like 1080, you can start out with a can of beer and have to drink it before the end of the race. To get a little more extreme, you can make it so you have to stop every time you finish one lap and drink a beer as fast as you can.

If you’re with a big group of friends, relay races are the way to go. Each group if 3 gets on character. The first player on the team will do a lap, chug a beer, and then hand the controller to the next person. Making sure not to hand the controller until AFTER both the lap and beer are complete, this provides a gamer to be fast in the game as well as a fast drinker. First team to finish the race and all three beers wins. A few games of this and you will be ready for a night out on the town (or to pass out/throw up, depending).

Battle games provide another opportunity for drunken mayhem. Every time a balloon is removed from your vehicle you have to drink, it’s that simple. Once you have been eliminated from the game, you must consume what remains of your drink before the game ends. As the rounds go on and the alcohol kicks in, this becomes a very fun and addicting game.

There really are no words to truly explain the wondrous complexities of drinking game including Mario Kart 64, so we will leave it at this: Mario Kart 64 is the ultimate drinking video game, period.

So there you have it, my favorite N64 drinking games of all time. If you haven’t had the opportunity to yet, try them out for yourself. If you have any other gameplay settings or any other video games you think make awesome drinking games, feel free to comment on them and let me know. If your game sounds like a blast, it may be featured in a reader’s choice segment I would like to do early next month. Get on it!